Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bowen loves...

All things Bowen related today, my angel stands! Only for a sec but such an amazing thing to see! Wow. in two and a half months he will be a year then two years then five and so on. I am watching him grow up and i can never have enough time with him. There simply aren't enough hours in the day or night to spend with him or tell him how special he is to us.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing up and New Faces

Today was a lot of "news". "News" as in new things, not necessarily any news. Make sense? Awesome!

Bowen got a little car(walker)today. That seems like an oxymoron, yet they are the same! So he is slowly learning how to put one foot in front of the other to make it go places. It is really only a matter of time before he won't need help from anyone or anything to make that happen. He is getting to be such a big boy! He has pretty much mastered the sippy cup as well. It is amazing to watch him change every day!

Today was my first day in the new location. It is definitely a change, good and bad! Its great because its much more relaxed and that makes it easier to drive so far. Bad, because I haven't been the new person in such a long time, and its a different world! And I miss my old crew. Now I just need to figure out where I need to eat my lunch.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapters in Life

This week is a week of new beginnings. Tomorrow morning will be my first day at our new location in Round Rock. I am excited about this change, but it was very hard to leave our old office. I still have the same employer but just a change in position and scenery. Friday I was very sad but mostly because I am so sentimental. I love a majority of the people I am leaving, and will be out of my comfort zone for awhile. As I was packing my desk on Friday, I ran across so many things. Like a copy of Dixie's shot records. I miss her. And obviously I kept these for sentimental reasons. No, KSpence, those are hoarders tendencies. So I threw them away. Along with all the little things I had been keeping in my desk for rememberance purposes. New place, new start, new pictures, everything!
Also, one of my best friends in the world, let's call her LaLa, is moving to Honduras on Wednesday. I am so proud of her for going to teach the worlds youth. Of course, I want to keep her here for selfish reasons, but we will see her again very soon. She means alot to me and J. But it is sad to see her leave, because I am going to miss her so much!!!! Here's a pic of us playing our farewell tour. Way to rock the mullet! I love her and wish all the best things in the world for her in this new chapter of life.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sundays at the Spencers

Everyone knows that the Spencers are always busy. ALWAYS. I know, we do it to ourselves, but I honestly don't feel like we have a choice. Justin and I just can't say no. But we love our family and friends, and most of it are fun things so 99% percent of the time we are happy to be busy. This past week I worked so much that I wasn't able to unpack my suitcase from last weekend until yesterday. We just had chores and housework piling up all week, it was driving me batty!

Friday evening we got to go see my Aaron graduate. God, I am proud to be his cousin! I am so glad his brother is part of my son's namesake and I am just thankful that I am his family! Love you Stephensons!

Saturday morning Bowen's internal alarm went off about 6:30 so we were able to get alot accomplished. This was one time I was thankful to get up early. Then I went to get a massage with my friend Kim, and went and had a delicious lunch at Cafe Bistro. DELICIOUS! I came back and got the boys and we spent the afternoon at the pool. We finished out the evening at April's 30th bday party. Today we went and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, took Bowen to Cabelas to see the fish, and helped set up for Marjorie's 90th birthday party. Marjorie is a very special lady who loves Bowen like he is her own grandson. We love her! Then after a trip to the grocery store, we are finally enjoying a movie, catching up on emails, and opening mail from the week.

To make a long story even longer, I really love my life. Every second of every day is filled to the brim, but it is who we are, and it makes us happy.

Here is a pic from Bowen's first trip to the pool.

Monday, May 31, 2010

First of Many

This weekend we went to Brenham for some good live music and camping. Sprang Thang 2010! It was a blast!! Bowen enjoyed swimming, snacking, and chilling in the shade while listening to some music. He was very happy the whole time so I can't recall his favorite moment but I know he made a ton of friends( just like his Dad). The highlights that I had were the catfish and peach cobbler(and Blue Bell vanilla), sitting with friends while there was live music and fireworks in the background, and floating in the water with Bowen splashing. It all makes me very happy that Bowen and summer are here. Honestly there is nothing like it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am sorry I have neglected you...

I can't believe it has been over a month! I am guilty! Never mind, I didn't have a camera charger. I am going to have to post everyday for how much Bowen is doing these days! He's pretty great!! His new favorite thingss include going all over the house, sitting up and playing with his toys, and talking to Duke. I have caught this on video on my phone, and I hope to catch it again soon. It is pretty great!!!!!!

Our oldest lab, and the only girl in the house Dixie passed away last weekend. It was a very hard weekend, and she will always always be missed.

Justin got to go fishing pretty recently and we have a lot of trout to show for it. We are so excited!

We are working on Bowen saying and doing "Bye Bye" and working on the sign for "hungry". He still isn't a huge fan of baby food, but he loves table food!